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August 2014

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Verena Eising as of 8/21/14 *new dolls added 8/21/14

Beatrice Perini as of 8/21/14

Debbee Thibault as of 8/21/14

Zwergnase Dolls as of 8/21/14

Roche as of 8/20/14

Julie Fischer as of 8/20/14

Regina Sandreuter as of 8/20/14

Susan Krey as of 8/20/14

Berdine Creedy as of 8/20/14

Sonja Hartmann as of 8/20/14

Pauline Middleton as of 8/20/14

Linda Murray as of 8/20/14

R. John Wright as of 8/20/14

Zwergnase Bears as of 8/14/14

Heidi Steiner as of 8/14/14

Kish as of 8/14/14

Maggie Iacono as of 8/05/14

van Boxel as of 8/05/14

Friedericy as of 8/05/14

Teena Flanner as of 8/02/14

Bunnies by the Bay as of 7/10/14

All other pages have been updated as of 6/10/14.

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