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May 2016

We are relocating our business in the near future and are having a massive SALE
beginning Wednesday, May 11th, and currently extending through Tuesday, May 31st,
as long as sale merchandise is still available.  Please see individual product pages for
specific sale items.  Additional merchandise may be added to the sale as time progresses.
Shipping fees are extra and depend on where the merchandise is shipping.

No holds on merchandise - First come first serve

Recently updated:

Zwergnase Dolls as of 5/29/16

Annette Himstedt as of 5/28/16

Beatrice Perini as of 5/24/16

Maggie Iacono as of 5/23/16

Julie Fischer as of 5/23/16

Regina Sandreuter as of 5/20/16

Heidi Steiner as of 5/20/16

Berdine Creedy as of 5/11/16

Bets & Amy van Boxel Dolls as of 5/11/16

Diane Keeler as of 5/11/16

Heloise as of 5/11/16

Roche as of 5/11/16

Susan Krey as of 5/11/16

Verena Eising as of 5/11/16

Xenis as of 5/11/16

Bunnies by the Bay as of 5/11/16

Gunzel Bears as of 5/11/16

Deb Canham as of 5/11/16

Teena Flanner as of 5/11/16

Vaillancourt as of 5/11/16

Specials as of 5/08/16

Harmony Kingdom as of 4/18/16

Sarah Niemela as of 3/29/16

Kish & Company as of 4/18/16

Zwergnase Bears as of 5/02/16

Friedericy Dolls as of 5/11/16

Debbee Thibault as of 2/09/16

Wendy Lawton as of 1/15/16

Robert Tonner as of 9/21/15

Gene as of 9/15/15

Hildegard Gunzel as of 9/08/15

Linda Murray as of 9/08/15

R. John Wright as of 10/19/15

Jutta Kissling as of 8/27/15

Maximal Art Costume Jewelry as of 11/12/14

All other pages have also been updated as of 9/16/14.

 specializes in upscale gifts and collectibles.

The Friend Company

51 Kenneth Street, Mobile, Alabama

Shipping/Mailing Address:
2100 Venetia Road, Mobile, AL  36605

Email:  friendcompany@aol.com
(copy and paste this email address)

PHONE: 1-251-xxx-xxxx*
*Please email me at friendcompany@aol.com for the telephone number.

I recently turned off the commercial line for The Friend Company due to an overwhelming number of calls
from various telemarketers, especially those calls where you are talking to a computer.
Initially, I put my personal phone number on this website for my customers; however, within a
2-week period, I began receiving telemarketing calls on my personal phone.
I apologize for the inconvenience of having to email me first.


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