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May 2017

Cut and paste either email address for questions:  friendcompany@aol.com or friendcompanyart@gmail.com

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Maggie Iacono as of 5/26/17 sale through 6/05/17

Roche as of 5/26/17 sale through 6/05/17

Specials as of 5/26/17

Zwergnase Dolls as of 5/26/17 sale on some dolls through 5/30/17

Hildegard Gunzel as of 5/25/17

Zwergnase Bears as of 5/25/17 sale through 6/05/17

Gene as of 5/20/17

Maggie Iacono as of 5/18/17

R. John Wright as of 5/18/17

Susan Wakeen as of 5/18/17

Kish as of 5/12/17

Verena Eising as of 5/12/17

Annette Himstedt as of 5/02/17

Susan Krey as of 5/02/17

Wendy Lawton as of 5/02/17

Vaillancourt as of 4/25/17

Friedericy Dolls as of 4/17/17

Heider Steiner as of 4/06/17

Heloise as of 4/06/17

Sarah Niemela as of 4/06/17

Sonya Hartmann as of 4/06/17

Debbee Thibault as of 3/31/17

Julie Fischer as of 3/29/17

Teena Flanner Originals as of 3/15/17

Beatrice Perini as of 2/16/17

Bets van Boxel as of 2/16/17

Robert Tonner as of 2/16/17

Xenis as of 2/16/17

Harmony Kingdom as of 2/08/17

Regina Sandreuter as of 1/21/17

 specializes in upscale gifts and collectibles.

The Friend Company

51 Kenneth Street, Mobile, Alabama

Shipping/Mailing Address:
2100 Venetia Road, Mobile, AL  36605

Email:  friendcompany@aol.com or friendcompanyart@gmail.com
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PHONE: 1-251-xxx-xxxx*
*Please email me at friendcompany@aol.com or friendcompanyart@gmail.com for the telephone number.

I turned off the commercial line for The Friend Company due to an overwhelming number of calls
from various telemarketers, especially those calls where you are talking to a computer.
Initially, I put my personal phone number on this website for my customers; however, within a
2-week period, I began receiving telemarketing calls on my personal phone.
I apologize for the inconvenience of having to email me first.


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